I have been officially photographing weddings since 2011. Including weddings where I have been a groomsmen or performed musically in, I have now been a part of over sixty weddings! I am deeply honored every time a friend or client even considers me to be a part of their wedding, so truly I thank you for your interest and want you to feel no pressure or obligation to potentially hire myself as your photographer. Wedding photography, in my opinion, is so much more than just taking pictures; it is a personal experience unique to every individual, and the following reasons are why you should consider me:

-Experience : I have photographed countless weddings, been a groomsmen almost a dozen times, the best man multiple times as well, and a performing musician. If it is wedding related, I have done it!

-Awareness : One of my undergraduate degrees is in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, which basically means I study people. I love helping people, forming new relationships, and learning what makes them tick. I am sociologist and counselor at my core.

-Hospitality : I currently work in the elite hospitality industry at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, where my job is to regularly meet and exceed the expectations of our society's elite, rich, powerful, and famous. I love having high expectations while under pressure in my job, and the satisfaction that comes after meeting those expectations. This is very similar to the wedding experience, as you only have your wedding day once!

-Artistry : My other undergraduate degree is in music. Obviously, photography requires skill with the camera, as well as an understanding of lighting, angles, posing, etc., but above all it is a form of art. I love to creatively perform, which is one of the factors that led me into wedding photography.

-Price : Wedding photography is not cheap, and must reflect the professional services provided; however, I also have tried hard to make my prices relatively affordable and fair. The average price paid for a wedding photographer in America is over $2800! My prices are very competitive in comparison, and additionally, I try to tailor my packages to meet every client's individual needs when possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you again for looking into Nathan Jacobsen's Wedding Photography services.


Nathan Jacobsen

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