Question: Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Answer: My first reason for why wedding photography is so expensive is because it is a luxury item. You do not need a wedding photographer on your special day just like you did not need a special wedding ring for your partner. Weddings are deeply personal, cultural and religious but legally, you can go down to a courthouse tomorrow and get married. Therefore, choosing to have a wedding ceremony and reception is a luxury affair. You can certainly hire anyone who can pick up a camera, point and shoot, but wedding photography is a refined skill set. As such, you get what you pay for. When you hire a good wedding photographer, your special day will be that much more enjoyable and memorable. 

The second reason wedding photography is expensive is due to equipment cost. Ask yourself first how much do you think the average wedding photographer spends on wedding photography equipment. $1500? $2500? $5000? If you guessed any of these answers, you would be wrong. The actual answer is a minimum of $15,000 needed to start a wedding photography business. This makes sense when you consider what is necessary for a wedding photographer to capture every possible moment on your wedding day. For example, I must be prepared for any and every lighting condition, perspective, distance etc. on the day of the wedding. I bring five lenses to every wedding, and two of these lenses I use for about 10-15 shots total. Together they cost $1500, and they are the cheapest lenses I own.

Question: What am I purchasing when I hire a wedding photographer?

Answer: This depends on the particular photographer, their skill set and business model. With myself, (and depending on the package) you are receiving all the edited photos with zero print cost, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You are receiving my expert knowledge in wedding day coordinating and logistical concerns. You are benefiting from my Interdisciplinary Social Science undergraduate degree studies including but not limited to psychology, conflict resolution, stress management, personality motives and family dynamics/dysfunctions. You are receiving a personalized experience that is unique to you, and your partner.

Question: What is an unplugged wedding and should I consider having one?

Answer: Never heard of an unplugged wedding? I would be delighted to tell you about it, and yes you should totally consider it! An unplugged wedding came as a response to today's fast paced, technology filled world. With everyone having a camera, smartphone, ipod, ipad etc., your wedding day can quickly turn into a paparazzi event. The purpose of having an unplugged wedding is twofold: to allow your guests to truly enjoy the moments on your wedding day without restraint, and to allow the photographer to do their job as well! A simple announcement can be made at the beginning of the wedding in order to ensure this happens. 

Question: Why do you not include a second photographer?

Answer: I feel completely comfortable and competent being the only photographer at your wedding. That being said, I have used secondary photographers occasionally in the past. If this is something you are interested in, please mention it when you contact me! One of my goals in my  wedding photography is to be flexible and personalized to your unique needs and concerns, so I am certainly willing to hire a secondary shooter for additional compensation. 

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